Sharkey with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS. Las Vegas

Who is Sharkey? 

He is me — Shawn Boyd.  Sharkey is the nickname given to me by family members by mistake in 1994.  Some of them just don’t hear very well!  But it stuck.

I love music, all kinds of music.

I grew up in a family full of the sounds of big band, classical, country, bluegrass, folk and rock-n-roll.  My dad played the trumpet, trombone and French horn in the NORAD Band, playing and recording in some of the most notable venues around the world. I briefly studied trumpet and drums in school, but didn’t have the discipline to stick with ’em formally.

I am not a music snob, nor do I pretend to know everything about all artists — I’m doing this  as another way to learn more about the art I love. I admire true talent and the passion and tenacity it takes to make music for a living.

Photo of Shawn in Fort in Boston 1979
Me, my first treehouse (treefort) and a stray; Hanscom AFB 1979

Sharkey’s Treehouse is the modern-day version of the hideaway I had as a kid – a place to talk about music, girls and life.

Only now, I’m showcasing musicians and bands in a new, one-of-a-kind podcast. Additional bonus HD video of podcast sessions will live at Sharkey’s Treehouse too! Inspired by music shows of the past, and artists past and present in many genres, Sharkey’s Treehouse is your portal to musician interviews and performances.

Don’t be shocked if you hear a funk band one week, punk the next, followed by country then by reggae and rock. While this tree house is rooted at The Rink Studios (TRS) in Sacramento, California, I often travel to the artist for you, my fellow music enthusiast.

Shawn as baby with headphones on
How it all began! Florida. 1967
Dad's AF NORAD Band portrait
Dad’s AF NORAD Band portrait

The Sharkey’s Treehouse Team

This podcast and the bonus video and photographs would not be possible without the tremendous contributions of Phillip Killion. He’s a colleague and friend whose talents, skills, generosity and tireless work ethic , along with his belief in my passion project from the beginning, has helped bring Sharkey’s Treehouse to fruition. Thanks Phil!

Phil with Some Fear None

And to Greg Kennedy. The creator of The Rink Studios, and a fellow drummer whose desire for a cool place to jam exploded into the only “music incubator” of it’s kind. From the moment I learned about his dream, long before any boards were broken and any drywall demolished, I knew I wanted to somehow be a part of TRS. Greg’s generosity and business acumen has allowed me to blend my dream with his. I now consider him and his wife part of my extended rock-n-roll family.

And to Lisa Ruiz and her sister Mari, the immensely talented genius graphic artists who helped bring my ideas to fruition.

And Greg Fletcher and Diony Ramirez – my go-to graphics gurus who can bust out high quality t-shirts on short notice and do a much better job with attention to detail like no other company I’ve ever used.

And finally to my wife Michelle who’s endured my long hours away from her, and lent her hostess talents to make sure everyone involved in each shoot was treated to food and drink and a welcoming smile. And to all those production assistants who’ve helped me on occasion when I needed last minute help, including but not limited to my daughter Morgan, her friends Kendall and Trinity, my God-daughter Jasmine, my colleagues Lori Newquist and Bryan May, family members David Wieland, Sandy and Mikell Fox and Mikell Nichols.

God Bless You All.