Country Music Rising Star Miller Campbell Shares “Sweet Whiskey” with Sharkey’s Treehouse

She sings, writes her own music, and plays guitar. And she was once recruited by the CIA! Oh, and did I mention she’s related to the late great Glen Campbell? Brains, talent and country music is in her genes. Miller Campbell is a ball of energy and enthusiasm who ties it all together with an infectious smile, sense of humor and sincerity. Country has a new voice forging another family legacy. Miller tells the story of how she recently found out her familial connection to Glen and why she says writing and performing country music is her destiny. After listening to her story you just may believe there’s a higher power at work here.

Miller Campbell with Shawn “Sharkey” Boyd

Campbell’s latest music can be found on her EP Sweet Whiskey. She chose to record it not in Nashville, but in her hometown of Seattle, at the now legendary London Bridge Studios, a facility that’s laid down tracks from the likes of Dave Matthews, Pearl Jam, Macklemore, Alice In Chains, Temple Of The Dog and Blind Melon.

I sat down with Miller over drinks at my home base — The Rink Studios — in Sacramento. That’s also where she took the stage and played three acoustic versions of her songs.

Songs Heard in order: Sweet Whiskey, One Step, Obsession, Ghosts of Fidalgo

Check out some photos from Miller’s performances in Sharkey’s Treehouse


GoodDay Sacramento Appearance

Family Trivia

Relation to Glen Campbell: Her grandpa is Glen’s first cousin; Miller is Glen’s second cousin
She didn’t know about her relationship until late in life (21; she was 24 when I met her)
Miller’s dad is named after Glen’s manager and brother “Shorty” John Campbell
Glen Campbell died on August 8, 2017

Miller Campbell Exclusive Video

Watch the entire podcast with performances here!


Miller Campbell Home Page

Sweet Whiskey on iTunes

London Bridge Studios, Seattle, WA, USA




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