Down North Kicks Off Premier Episode of Sharkey’s Treehouse!

Photo of band Down North
Down North

Welcome to the house! This is the first episode of Sharkey’s Treehouse and we’re happy you’re here! We sit down with Down North, a killer Rock/Funk/Soul band from the moist music scene of Seattle. These guys a fun as well to see live – they’ll get you off your ass and onto the floor movin’ like you haven’t before. And if they don’t see you movin’ they’ll tell you how! We met at our home base The Rink Studios in Sacramento after they had a long drive from their home town.

Their music has been described as “’Soul Punk’ — like the Red Hot Chili Peppers are covering Michael Jackson with an early James Brown as the front man.” Down North is a contradiction in terms. While the band hails from Seattle their sound is not what you’d expect to come from the waterlogged Northwest city. I’m proud to have Down North launch my premiere episode of Sharkey’s Treehouse!

The audio is a work in progress as we figure out the best way to do this, along with the acoustics. It’ll only get better from here people!

Exclusive Web Video


Down North

Down North “Stupid Man” (official music video)

Down North “Heartbreaker” (official Music video)

The Rink Studios

Wolfson Entertainment, Inc.

Momo Sacramento


“THRIFT SHOP” (featuring Wanz) with RYAN LEWIS


Triple-A Radio

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