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Photo of Barry Grzebik with custom guitar

There is a renaissance of independent guitar building happening right now. My guest in this episode of Sharkey’s Treehouse is one of those luthiers who is hand-making guitars and a name for himself as a talented artisan. Barry Grzebik (pronounced Grez-bick) has been making his own brand of instruments, Grez Guitars, for more than a decade.

In this episode we met Barry at his home in Petaluma, California, to talk about the craft of guitar making. He takes us to his wood shop and shows us how he chooses the raw wood, and slowly transforms it into a beautiful, and beautifully sounding, musical instrument. Barry has acquired many of the tools, fixtures and moulds used for making arch-top guitars from RC Allen’s shop in Southern California after Mr. Allen, a legendary guitar maker, died.

We’ll learn what wood makes a guitar valuable, sound good and look gorgeous and what makes a good guitar builder. We’ll also get to hear some examples of some of them.

About Barry Grzebik

The Grzebik Design Group is a full service consulting firm specializing in all aspects of sound, acoustics and video design.

For more than 25 years Barry Grzebik has successfully combined both great creativity and a laser focused discipline as a Product Designer, Acoustician and Sound Designer. He established The Grzebik Design Group (GDG) a decade ago creating a platform for himself and other equally talented individuals to collaborate and ultimately bring well-crafted solutions to market.

Mr. Grzebik has supported a varied and interesting group of clients on 5 continents from the Circ de Soleil in the Royal Albert Hall to Lakewood Church in Houston Texas, The National Stadium of Taiwan, American Airlines Arena home of the Miami Heat to the US Capitol building complex.Prior to establishing GDG, Mr. Grzebik earned a reputation as an industry leading product designer in the Sound Reinforcement Industry as V.P. of Engineering and Partner at Apogee Sound Inc. where he designed, or oversaw the design of products that sold in over 55 countries to the most demanding and discerning customers.

Mr. Grzebik had worked on projects and products that have received both TEC Awards and the Solomon Award. He has been called on to wright numerous feature length articles for Professional Audio Industry publications and is regularly enlisted as an educator conduction seminars on Audio and Acoustics.In addition to a high level of understanding of the products used in the AV industry he has experience in live sound productions, corporate industrial theater and on sight contractor management.

He is also an accomplished Luthier, Amateur Musician and Pilot. He is an active member of the Redwood Empire AIA and CSI where he served on the board as Treasure for many years. Mr. Grzebik believes strongly in design partnerships and encourages client participation to insure a high level of correlation between the client’s initial conceptual desires and the final built environment.

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