Nate Morton: Drummer for The Voice House Band Talks Super-Gigs, New Music and KISS

Nate Morton Drummer for The Voice House Band
Nate Morton, Drummer for The Voice House Band

This episode of Sharkey’s Treehouse takes us backstage at The Voice to meet drummer extraordinaire Nate Morton. His resume has a list of superstar performers — Cher, Madonna, Paul Stanley, Vanessa Carlton and many more. His career began after attending Berklee College of Music in Boston when he went on tour as the drummer for Faye Wong, a superstar performer from China.

Besides being drummer for The Voice band, he also has a side project with his band Fraudprophets. Their new album Poptosis will be out in June 2019 and you’ll get to hear some of those songs in this podcast; I’m honored to preview it for you here.

In this episode Nate talks about playing for The Voice, his first “big” gigs, keeping personal and professional balance and his crowning achievement — trust me when I say you will never guess what that is. He also gives us his philosophy on playing songs faithfully, note-for-note, and why he’s not being paid to play the drums.

Sharkey with Drummer Nate Morton

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Exclusive: Sharkey and Nate Morton Podcast Video



Playground Philosophy by Dootybug

Sharkey’s Treehouse

The Rink Studios

Universal Bar and Grill

Bob Gilmore (Nate’s drum tech)

Sean Halley

NBC’s The Voice


Animal (muppet)
Berklee College of Music
Whiplash (movie)
Henson Studios
Faye Wong
All for One (band)
Billie Myers
Sonny Rollins
Jack Sawyers (producer, Tale of the Fox)
Eric Carr
Bill Aucoin
Billy Idol
Paul Stanley (KISS, Live to Win solo tour)
Zoltan Chaney
Reggie Hamilton – “Mr. The Legend”

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