Sacramento Rapper Stays Consci8us of his Music’s Impact, Crafting Messages Intended to Inspire and Motivate

Consci8us (photo by: Sacramento News & Review)

Our guest is a rapper and hip hop artist whose messages aren’t what you would expect.


Consci8us, a.k.a DeWayne Ewing Jr., was born and raised in East Oakland, California, with his single mother and two older brothers.

A strong foundation of support from his immediate family, his Christian upbringing, and the desire to be a positive influence helped him overcome the challenges he would face in his adolescence.

Consci8us was robbed at gun-point at 15 years old — this moment changed his destiny and he says that was the day he became “conscious.”

He says there are negatives as well as positives that come from growing up in a city like Oakland.

One of those positives is — Consci8us now lives to be an example for the current and future generations.

We caught up with Consci8us at a Black History Month event at Cal State Sacramento where he was slated to perform on short notice.



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